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With the help of the smartphone software CamScanner, you may use your device as a professional scanner. It is perfect for usage at work, school, and other places because it lets users take, crop, straighten, and improve the quality of document photographs.


Digital papers are now the standard for practically all types of work that you perform. As a result, an increasing number of individuals are trying to increase their productivity at work by digitizing all of their regular paperwork into digital files that they can access at any time and from any location via the Internet and compatible devices.

Given this, it’s critical that you can swiftly share these crucial papers with others by being able to convert any physical documents into their digital equivalents with ease. Additionally, you can now work with this fantastic app from INTSIG, which will make it really simple to digitise and exchange all of your papers, in order to minimise the amount of effort required on your part.

What does it do?

With CamScanner, owners of Android smartphones can use the camera on their handsets to transform it into a portable file scanner. Anytime you need to convert any documents into their more convenient digital versions, this will make the process quite simple. Consequently, you are free to use your laptops, PCs, or mobile devices to work on the digital files. Collaborate with others in groups to edit digital creations using online drives and distribute them across various platforms with ease.

With few prerequisites and no limits, the app can digitize documents instantly. All obtainable papers and images that are positioned in front of the camera will be processed by it. Additionally, the smart scans will recognize the documents right away to ensure that you only photograph the appropriate borders.

Moreover, you may use sophisticated OCR to extract text from photos, greatly increasing the accessibility of digital documents.

You can now quickly and easily print the scanned materials in a matter of seconds by using Camscanner’s integration with AirPrint and Fax Documents. Additionally, if you want to share your documents between devices, they will all be appropriately safeguarded with changeable passwords.


For those of you who are interested, CamScanner is now available for free download from the Google Play Store; no money is needed. Additionally, you are free to use all of the app’s readily available features. Just be aware that some in-app purchases are required in order to use the fully functional application.

Additionally, users of Android devices must provide CamScanner specific access permissions, just like many other Android apps. In order to utilize the app’s capabilities, be sure to take into account the prompts that appear when you first open it. In order to enhance the app’s compatibility with your system, you should also be running the most recent firmware versions on your Android devices at the same time.

Awesome features

Quickly Digitalize any Documents

To begin with, CamScanner allows users of Android devices who are already familiar with apps like Scanner App To PDF to rapidly digitize their papers. Here, all you have to do is open the app, access the device’s camera, and select the scan options. You may quickly digitize a variety of documents and photos, including business cards, certificates, invoices, notes, and receipts, by using CamScanner’s easy image capture and intelligent scanning features. The scanned files can be exported in a variety of file formats, including Word, Excel, JPG, TXT, and the conventional PDF.

Improved Scanner Quality for Clear and Sharp Documents

Additionally, CamScanner has sophisticated auto enhancements that enable users to instantly increase the crisp and clear documents from any acquired scans in order to boost the scanning quality. Additionally, even with shoddy photos, you may still collect the right papers thanks to the clever cropping tool. The striking colors and sharp resolutions will guarantee that your digital papers are transparent and completely accessible.

Automatically Extract Texts from Images

For those who are interested, CamScanner’s sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) technology makes it simple to extract text from any image. Please feel free to let it digitize all handwritten documents into text files so you may edit and share them with ease. This works with both sheet papers and ordinary text articles, which you can quickly convert to TXT, Word, or Excel files.

Easily Share Your Documents Online

Additionally, CamScanner will instantly activate its instantaneous sharing feature if you would like to share your scanned papers, making it simple for you to present them online. Sharing documents with pals through email, messaging applications, or social media is now simple. Just choose the JPG or PDF scan and send them to your pals right away. Additionally, CamScanner allows you to share numerous files and enable batch download via secure download links, making things more convenient.

Protect Shared Documents with Passwords

Speaking of which, you may set up protective passwords on any chosen document to ensure that not even with the download links available, anybody can access your shared papers. You can choose whatever password you’d like, and only tell the people you want to share it with.

Effortlessly Print with AirPrint and Fax Documents

Users can quickly link files and documents that need to be printed to any nearby AirPrint-compatible devices. CamScanner will make sure that printing is enabled automatically so that you obtain your documents right away. This is also compatible with fax machines, which is a huge aid when exchanging hard copies of documents.

Useful Editing Features to Work with

CamScanner also offers a variety of sophisticated editing capabilities that you may use right away to alter scanned documents, for those of you who find themselves in that situation. Utilizing the entire editing toolkit, create a variety of annotations. Watermarks can be edited or customized to add personality to your crucial documents. When signing crucial documents, include an e-signature. and carry out a variety of sophisticated editing tasks whenever you like.

Convenient Search Options for Documents

Users of Android devices can rapidly search through a wide variety of documents on their devices, making the app more accessible. You can also utilize specific tags that you apply to your files to make file classification simple. Additionally, the app’s OCR capability will enable you to locate text on photographs and notes, making it much more convenient to work with—whether or not you want to scan the materials.

Sync Your Files Across Platforms

And for those of you who are curious, file syncing between platforms is now simple and straightforward. Android users can enjoy using CamScanner on their PCs, tablets, and smartphones with this capability. For more easy use, view, edit, and share your documents across a variety of platforms.

Enabled Online Collaborator for Real-Time Editing

CamScanner now has an advanced group editing tool that supports up to 40 collaborators at once, making it easier for users to edit and work together on their scanned documents. Furthermore, you will have adequate space for all scanned materials thanks to the additional 10G of cloud storage.

Enjoy the Free and Unlocked App on our Website

Finally, for those of you who are interested in the fantastic mobile app, you may now download it on your phones without having to pay for any advertisements or in-app purchases. To get it ready to use, simply download the CamScanner Mod APK from our website and adhere to the instructions provided.

Additional information

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Final Verdicts

Android users may instantly enhance their work by bringing critical papers into the digital realm with the help of helpful scanning technologies. This enables them to digitize in a matter of minutes any significant contracts, notes, invoices, and receipts. And you can just use your Android devices to accomplish all of this. Making it really simple to enjoy using the mobile application as a result.

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