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Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail- World’s Most expensive car

The Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail is an exquisite example of luxury and bespoke automotive design, inspired by the enchanting Black Baccara rose. This coachbuilt masterpiece is one of only four units, emphasizing its exclusivity and opulence. Its design incorporates a rich blend of luxury materials and sophisticated technology, tailored to reflect the romantic narrative of its commissioners, a prominent international couple.

At the heart of La Rose Noire Droptail’s performance lies a powerful 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine, offering enhanced output compared to standard models. This engine ensures a commanding presence on the road, combining high performance with the unparalleled refinement Rolls-Royce is known for [[โž]].

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The interior of La Rose Noire Droptail is nothing short of a work of art, featuring the most intricate wood parquetry ever fitted to a Rolls-Royce. This includes 1,603 individual pieces, with 533 painted red to represent scattered rose petals, meticulously crafted by a single artisan. Moreover, an exclusive Audemars Piguet watch, elegantly integrated into the dashboard, enhances the bespoke experience [[โž]] [[โž]].

Externally, the Droptail flaunts a unique aesthetic with a custom silhouette that includes a low roofline and a large carbonfibre rear diffuser. The vehicle’s color scheme, varying from pomegranate to black, mirrors the dark allure of the Black Baccara rose [[โž]].
As for pricing, La Rose Noire Droptail is among the most expensive automobiles ever created, with prices expected to surpass Rs 211 crore (approximately $26 million USD), reflecting its unmatched bespoke features and the luxury status of Rolls-Royce.

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